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A Day in the Life of a Yoga & Fitness Instructor...

So you’re thinking of becoming a yoga instructor but you’re not quite sure if it is right for you? Maybe hearing about the average day for a full-time instructor will help. You know it is hard work, it’s not all organic green juice and kale!

So here is an example of my daily schedule.

6:00 AM – Alarm goes off… rise and shine! Take a moment to be thankful for the day and the blessing of waking up!

6:15 AM – Start morning practice by drinking a tall glass of lemon water and cleaning the nasal passages with a neti pot. Then do a basic asana practice including Cat and Cow, forward fold, Baddha Konasana and a few others. Nothing too crazy because for my dosa (Vata/Pitta) I need more grounding, to stay balanced and to re-charge. Round out the practice with pranayama (breath work) and meditation. Feeling strong, energetic and empowered for the day.

8:15 AM – Head out for the first class of the day, Flow yoga anyone?

8:45 AM - Enter the studio, a.k.a, your home away from home. Greet all of your beautiful and amazing students, a.k.a. friends. Lead your friends in an inspirational practice that leaves you feeling just as inspired as them, maybe even more! Afterwards, several people thank you for your time and attention during the practice. Give the studio a quick clean to make sure it is presentable for the classes later on in the day.

11:30 AM – Back home for a few hours off and some prep work. Catch-up on emails and respond to sub requests for a few of the different studios where you teach.

12:00 PM – Time for lunch, how does Kombucha and a salad sound? Ok, I’m being a bit silly, but that would be a normal lunch for many instructors (including me)! Honestly, for lunch today I had a Acai bowl with tea. So yummy!

1:00 PM - Afternoon meditation? I’d love to. Maybe today I’ll do a yoga nidra, or Wayne Dyer’s Manifest Your Destiny guided meditation or…. so many options.

2:00 PM – Write out your classes for that night, one Power Yoga and one Power Core class. Then explore some new music for your classes… this song will be great for Savasana.

4:00 PM – Time for round two of classes, this time at a different studio. Tonight there are two classes back-to-back. At the end of the night a older gentleman, Paul, comes to tell you how much he enjoyed the practice and how his discovery of yoga has helped him to cure his chronic back pain. He is feeling younger and healthier than he has in years. He is even riding his bike again! Then Katie tells you that by practicing non-attachment at work her whole experience of her work environment has changed, she is loving it more than she ever has. Katie thanks you for introducing her to the idea on non-attachment. As you smile back at her you privately thank her, for allowing you to share the gift of yoga and to be of service to the community. To Katie you say, honestly and truthfully, “It is my pleasure. I’m so happy it helped.”

8:30 PM - Get home after a busy but rewarding night. Feeling a little tired but lucky me, hubby has vegetarian chilli for dinner. After dinner, the hubby and I veg out while I read my latest book or we watch a little T.V.

10:00 PM – Good-night cuddle with my wonderful dog before crawling into bed with my beloved. Lights out as I say all of my thanks for this amazing life I lead.

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