• Christina Raskin

Free and Cost Effective Continued Education Resources

1. Yoga International- www.yogainternational.com has online classes, articles, and very specific anatomy lessons. This is a great website to learn original and unique variations and movement exercises.

2. Yoga Alliance- Yoga Alliance is a non-profit professional organization based out of the US that governs yoga schools and yoga certifications around the world. When you are a member you are given access to hundreds of webinars, seminars and recordings on everything from social media, building your retreats, running a studio etc. These educational tools tend to focus on the business side of yoga.

3. Online Classes- There are several online yoga classes websites that are beneficial to grow your knowledge base. I frequent Gaia and www.DoYouYoga.com and Hanuman Academy.

4. Blog of Your Favourite Instructors- Follow the blogs, Instagram accounts, Twitter etc. of your favourite instructors. They can be a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Just FYI, you can subscribe to my blog and learn about my upcoming trainings here!

Have a lovely day and happy studying!

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