• Christina Raskin

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?” - Rumi

If you want to learn and grow, you have to be polished. You have to be rubbed, rubbed, and rubbed some more.

Think about that.

If you want to be polished as a human, how do you expect to get there if you’re irritated by every little rub of life?

Guess what?

It’s those “rubs” (aka challenges!) that make you sparkle!!!

Embrace the setbacks. Embrace the challenges. Embrace any feedback you get.

By embracing the challenges, we find our brilliance and our luster.

How do we embrace the challenges instead of running away from them? We use our Yoga tools; Self-study (Svadhyaya), Discipline (Tapas), and Surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana) are just a few we can use.

When the challenge comes we can study ourselves, Svadhyaya, to observe our tendencies and patterns. How do we react to the challenge? What is our go-to emotion and reaction? We can also study the elements of the challenge that we have control over, the aspects that we can change. Then we use our discipline (tapas) to change the things we have control over, like our own thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. Lastly, whatever we don’t have control over we surrender that. We acknowledge that it is beyond our control and we release it. (Ishvara Pranidhana).

These yoga tools are invaluable to helping us through the rubs of life.

Think about past challenges in your life? Do you see how ALL of the growing that you’ve done in the past is due to overcoming these challenges (rubs).

What is challenging you today? These are opportunities for you to APPLY your yoga! These are opportunities for your knowledge of yoga to become true wisdom by practicing what you preach. This allows the knowledge in your head to flourish in your heart and become true wisdom that you embody.

All those challenges, all those rubs, allow you to use your Yoga tools to polish your truest self.

Embrace the rub. Polish, polish, polish.

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