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Top 10 Benefits of O2 Yoga Teacher Training

This week I had a wonderful lady register for our July intensive 200-hr. yoga teacher training program from out of town. She was looking at many different yoga schools in the Vancouver area and she ended up choosing us. Of course I was very honoured and she explained that she had done an analysis and we had come out on top for several different reasons. I have heard this before from many different past students of mine and it made me think I should do a blog on the top 10 ten benefits of doing your training with O2 Yoga Teacher Training. So here you go!

Top 10 Benefits people are talking about:

Class length & Schedule- Let’s face it, we are all busy and many people want to do things as quickly as possible. However, in order to really learn something new you must have enough time to dive right into the material and not be rushed. Yoga is such a vast science, with so much to learn, that it really is important that you dedicate yourself and take the time to absorb the material. Many schools these days are short changing their students by shorting the class time and not including many hours with the head instructor. O2 structures our hours in such a way that you not only get enough one-on-one time with the instructor but you can also learn everything completely. We offer part-time, full-time, and intensive courses so you can find the right schedule for you.

Maximum Class Size- Many yoga teacher trainings programs in Vancouver do not have a maximum class size. I’ve heard many trainings having up to 30 – 50 people! We limit our class size to 18 people so that you get plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor and you can all get to know one another, making connections that will last. Also, with too many students it is logistically impossible to offer practice teaching to the students. Which leads me to….

Lots of practice teaching time, including teaching to the general public. The more you practice, the better you’ll be!

CPR Certificate- Your certificate is included in the program so once you graduate you’ll be ready to teach!

Vinyasa/Flow & Power- Our school focuses on the Vinyasa/Flow and Power Yoga style that is mostly taught in North America. It is a mix of the power and strength of Ashtanga Yoga, the alignment and care of Iyengar Yoga, and the modifications and personalization of Desikachar.

Far Infrared Hot Yoga- We are the only Infrared Hot Yoga studio to offer yoga teacher training in the Vancouver area. The benefits of Far Infrared are vast, including increased circulation, removal of heavy metals and toxins, increase calorie burn, and boosts to the immune system.

Well Educated Instructors- Believe it or not, many lead trainers of teacher train programs have very minimal education, some have only been teaching for 1 year! All of our lead trainers are 500-hr. RYTs (Registered Yoga Teacher). All other teachers with the program have been teaching for a minimum of 3 years. I designed the program after teaching for 13 years and I am a 500 E-RYT. All of our teachers continue to educate themselves, taking trainings and diversifying thier knowledge constantly.

Employment- We stand by our teacher-training program. We are the only studio in Vancouver that offers possible employment upon successful completion of the program. Most of our graduates work for Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.

Yoga Alliance- Our school is internationally certified with Yoga Alliance, which means you will be certified to teach anywhere in the world.

Fitness- Some fitness routines and Pilates are also taught to diversify your personal teachings and give you variety to set you apart from the crowd!

Have more questions about O2 Yoga Teacher Training? Please contact me teachertraining@oxygenyogafitness.com. Or (better yet!) give me a call 604-307-4331. I'd love to chat with you!

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